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This Blog is a engineering focused information hub on bringing the very best in cutting edge technology used in the presevation of the environment presenting best practices to a wide auidance to further the knowledge of those activly taking care of the environement on a day to day basis, we all are presented which challenges in our daily workplaces on how to tackle the difficult tasks at hand.

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    How to deal with Noisy Pumps

    What Causes Noise? Most of us working around pumps and systems have experienced noise generated by pumps during operation. So what is it that causes noise? Generally, the first cause...

    Lessons in Pump Services

    Pumps are a necessity in almost every environmental application, moving water is a staple of the environment and seems to be a never ending task. Water is everything we are,...

    Fertilisation Does it Ruin Soil?

    Add just enough fertilizer, and crops thrive. Add too much, and you may end up with contaminated surface and groundwater. Excess nutrients from farms can be transported to groundwater reservoirs...

    Why Use a Water Softener ?

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