Lessons in Pump Services

Pumps are a necessity in almost every environmental application, moving water is a staple of the environment and seems to be a never ending task. Water is everything we are, live and breathe getting it from one place to another is a very important a task left to the humble old pump, but do we take care of them enough?

Pumps can be expensive beasts if not serviced properly. Many a crop has been lost, system damaged from an overflow from an unserviceable pump and it is very important that the ware and tare on these workhorses is managed and routinely checked, do you know the signs and what should you should look for, some tips are below.

  1. Check for visible leakage in and around the wet end of the pump, this is very common and is a sign that you many need a new mechanical seal.
  2. Check the Oil level in the motor to ensure that this is maintained.
  3. Check for excess vibration and any audible bearing noises that may indicate failing bearings, this is normally a whirring or scraping sound that gets worse over time.
  4. If you have the skills and the required knowledge it is possible to MEGA test the winding when the pump is switched off and isolated this will give an indication of the state of the induction motor if the pump is electric.

These four simple steps are a great way to routinely check your pumps and ensure that any maintenance is carried out before a failure occurs.

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